Your technical partner to ensure a successful, engaging production
We understand the technical needs of creative people and solve unusual, complex problems with any resource.
USTV is Your Technical Partner
to Ensure a Successful, Engaging Production
We understand the technical needs of creative people and solve unusual, complex problems with any resource.

Technical Management

Engineering Design

Workflow Efficiency

About us
USTV is your missing puzzle piece
From the lens to your couch.
Our five decades of television and production experience means you only need one stop for all your multi-format acquisition and multi-platform distribution needs.

Regardless of project size, type of client, or distribution, we build on our expertise and then take your project to the next level with a more efficient, cost-effective solution using the latest vetted technologies.

We specialize in video production technical solutions. Whether it’s live, recorded, multi-camera switched, multi-camera field, or single and multi-camera cine style.

USTV has a full gamut of professional television production services, technical management, project management, and workflow solutions.
  • Engineering and workflow design
  • Content acquisition
  • Pre-production through post-production
  • Media management
  • Transmission
  • Deliverables
  • Project archiving
By USTV managing your technical solutions, you can focus on delivering the best content possible.

We helped to create
shows, projects, studios

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee - TBS
Our groundbreaking phased technical design allowed the show to keep running during the pandemic and for crew to migrate seamlessly between remote and onsite duties as the work conditions allowed based on current Covid19 protocols.
Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle - Netflix
A great example of never resting on our past workflows. We take each comedy special and work with our suppliers and subcontractors to make each experience slightly more efficient and expand on the quality. This show was particularly notable for the dynamic range of the cameras, and the efficiency of moving the media from onsite to post. We work tirelessly to create the most efficient workflow regarding copying media and protecting the camera masters while at the same time, shortening the media rental period and ingest time into post.
Desus & Mero - Showtime 
This show came to USTV as a multi-camera TV show that we shot in the studios of Manhattan Center. We elevated the look of the show in season 3, using our digital cinema cameras with Single Super 35mm MOS Sensor’s and 14 Stops of Dynamic Range, giving the show a cinematic look not seen before in late night.
Jennifer Hudson at The Apollo - MasterCard 
This once in a lifetime event for MasterCard clients featured Jennifer Hudson performing the songs from the bio picture “Respect” about the life and impact of the legendary Aretha Franklin.
Michael Che: Shame The Devil - Netflix 
USTV has done many Netflix comedy specials; however, working with Michael Che was different because of the way the lighting and scenic designers created moments in time with subtle variations from the beginning through the end that followed the comedians story telling. Literally starting with a large, brightly lit open feeling, to an incredibly intimate almost soulful conclusion, so subtle, that even the audience members knew something was happening, but not exactly what. It translates to the screen as if you are in the audience.
College Bowl – NBC

USTV has more experience in multi-camera TV shows – in studios or on location – than anything else we do. We continue to update and improve workflows, from capture through post-production. The second season of this production allowed us to create a file workflow that made the path from lens to post the most efficient that has been achieved in the industry.

Sofia Niño de Rivera: Lo Volvería a Hacer – Amazon Prime Video 
This is Sofía’s 3rd comedy special in NY in front of a crowd from all parts of Latin America. 11 years ago she saw Stand Up for the first time live in NY and today she becomes the first female Mexican comedian to record a comedy special in one of the most iconic cities in the world for this genre. The first time she got on stage was in a little bar in SoHo where she had to pay to go on stage and this is a special from 2 sold out shows at The Gramercy Theatre where she also produced and directed this show for Amazon Prime Video.
Americas Big Deal – USA
This show allowed us to push our engineering design capabilities further than ever. This show is a competition for small businesses to design and sell live on television. USTV wrote bespoke code to capture live sales data from two completely different sales platforms, combine them, and allow them to be read by a graphics machine so we could reveal the live data results and see the growing sales figures.
I Love Us – BET
They Ready – Netflix
Super Bowl Pre-Game Show – NBC
Video Music Awards – MTV
Catherine Cohen – Crowd Goes Wild

USTV was instrumental in launching Crowd Goes Wild, a live sports talk show produced by Fox. From building their facility from scratch at Chelsea Piers just after the area had been devastated by Sandy, to designing their production workflow, we managed all areas of the show.

Joel Kim Booster – Netflix
Jerry’s 23 hour to kill – Netflix
Freestyle Love Supreme – Hulu
Comedian In Cars Getting Coffee - Netflix 
This was the beginning of multi-camera digital cinema style with unscripted shooting. We developed many workflows that have become standards in today’s digital cinema world. We pioneered the use of micro-HD and micro-4K cameras, designed portable gimbal mounts that could be used with rental cars and packed for flight travel and pushed the creative envelope for capturing live action, never stopping for technical issues, or breaking the fourth wall.  
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We are good at

Technical Management
& Workflow Design
USTV takes the technical burden of your project, within your budget, and allows you to concentrate on the creative. We understand that allowing producers to have the freedom to “not worry” about the tech and the tech budget, allows for more creativity and ability to spend more time and resources on making the content the best it can be. We understand that your success is our success.
Project Management
USTV has extensive experience designing and managing all types of media facilities. From the very simple cable management to an entire international news and features facility, with multiple control rooms and studios. We engage before the design process so we can work with the architects and building specialists to maximize work productivity and reduce costs through efficiency of engineering design.  
Acquisition and Delivery
We technically manage your production from the lens to the couch, and every step in-between. We handle the tech for every imaginable way your audience wants to consume it.
Simply put, USTV can get your content from where it is, to where it needs to be. From low resolution dailies to full resolution live, USTV has been an industry leader in moving content around the globe. 

Our team

  • Ted Nelson
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Edward Brancaccio
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Josh Coleman
    Director of Engineering
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USTV Mission Statement
USTV provides Television Management Services. We focus on comprehensive preparation for every job we do regardless of size, client or distribution. We strive to be the acknowledged leader and preferred partner in helping our clients succeed in the world's rapidly evolving video marketplace. We believe in the plan, and the back-up plan, so that success is ensured.